Create a brand that reflects your mastery and value.

We Intentionally develop your brand in a way that establishes your credibility and builds authority. Your personal brand should be used to position you as a leader in your niche.


Hi I Am Michelle Parkes

I help entrepreneurs like you to build a strong, recognizable brand that will resonate with your target audience.

Creating your brand should be, fun, fast, and affordable. Participating in the creation of your own brand and watching it come to life and take form is one of the most thrilling experiences. But so many of us get stuck trying to discover our message, unable to find our ‘wow factor’ that we can build a brand and business around.

My goal is to support you to find clarity around your message, logo design, website and social media, so you can find your unique formula for success, and harness the endless opportunities of the digital world.



Create a consistent brand identity and connect with your customers better. We offer brand design services to help you build a unique look that matches your brand’s tone and personality. In one stop, you can get all the brand design services you need to increase conversions and scale your business fast.


We support you to find the clarity, structure, and direction you need to build an impactful business & personal brand.


For any brand online, the images you show of yourself are critical to your audience’s perception of you. Investing in our brand photoshoot is the way to go to make sure you have your own personal stylist and amazing branded images


My personal Etiquette and Confidence building course, MPower Life by design, is perfect for anyone looking to develop soft skills and to operate with ease and grace in business and social settings.



Personal Brand Strategist, Etiquette Consultant, Image and Beauty Stylist, with a passion for helping people to step into the best version of themselves, I am dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs in pursuit of creating and developing their business and personal brand strategy.

For more than ten years, I have been a resource in helping people elevate their market impact, visual presence, develop their business and social skills, and improve their personal style and image.

You have a message inside of you that will make a difference. By building a personal brand around this message, you can reach your highest potential and live a life you always dreamt of.


Statistically, people with strong personal brands are better positioned for success.

of employers are less likely to interview a candidate they can’t find online.
of business use social media in their recruiting process.
of potential employers use search engines such as Google to screen their candidates.
of these employers admit that they eliminated candidates from consideration based on information they discovered online
global executives attribute of their company’s reputation.
of market value to the reputation of their CEO.

What We Offer

Our Services

Graphic Designing

At the heart of every great brand and marketing campaign lies the power of graphic design. It is the art of creating visual experiences that not only captivate the senses but communicate a message that resonates with your audience.

Social Media Management

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Website Development

A website is an essential component for any business to succeed in today’s era of technology and the internet. It serves as a platform for businesses to interact with their target customers and offer their services and products online.

SEO Service

At MPower, we pride ourselves as the premier SEO service provider in the USA, enabling businesses to achieve higher rankings, increase organic traffic, and realize significant returns on their investment.

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