My Story


Hi I Am Michelle Parkes

Etiquette Consultant, Brand Strategist, Image and Beauty Stylist. I am the CEO of MPower1000000. With a passion for creating beauty, and MPowering 1000000 (One Million) lives.

I want to help you to package your brilliance.

Image and Aesthetics is in my blood.

I was always intrigued by business as my father was a serial entrepreneur, acquiring businesses he fell in love with, my mother was a supermodel in her country which later captured my interest in fashion and beauty.

From a young age, I knew the power of image. I understood how discovering your true essence, finding your niche and expressing yourself enables you to build a life of impact, freedom and opportunity.

I didn’t originally go down the entrepreneurial route. I began a modelling career at the age of 18yrs. I entered international beauty pageants and did a lot of travelling.

I modeled internationally and studied Etiquette and Grooming from some of the leaders in the industry. I lived the glamorous life, on the sets of movies, music videos as a makeup artist, and following every beauty trend, living for a weekend of parties and outings, I never really played it safe… after a while I wasn’t getting the high I once had from this lifestyle.

Truthfully, I was stuck, and not living up to my potential.

This led me on a journey to developing self-awareness and a positive mindset which was a game changer for me it gave me the power to develop a real understanding of what was going on in my life, make changes and slowly challenge my lack of believing in myself and what I had to offer.

I was willing to do whatever it took to get my inner self to match what people perceived on the outside.


I was ready and willing to take action and as I did, I started to have massive success.

I started to relate to everyone in my life differently. I noticed a change in the way people responded to me, everything was in my favor as I grew my brand.

In 1996 I applied for a job in the hospitality industry as a Public Relations Officer, shortly after that I pursued a degree in Marketing and was promoted to Sales and Marketing Manager. After which I worked with several executives, building their personal brand wrapped up in a collection of strategy that created deeper, more meaningful messages, stunning visual graphics, with an understanding and appreciation of their unique personal style and image, Social Etiquette, and adding content driven photoshoots

I became obsessed with marketing and every chance I got I would study and take courses just for fun.


I believed I was giving my clients a successful plan, what I thought was the ticket to a successful future. It was when my marketing obsession crossed over to personal branding, the more I learned I realized I was giving them half of what they needed, my clients were happy because I gave them what they asked for, but inside I felt guilty because I knew there was more I could do to complete their brand, even though they never came to me for a complete brand.

They did not know what’s next, their brand didn’t have a voice, not much different than any other brand in the market, they did not have a differentiation strategy, they did not have a positioning strategy, they did not have personality or attributes to communicate with, and they did not have any kind of verbal identity. I learned that all of these things are the real tool of a brand to influence the consumer to influence the mind of the audience as to why they should choose their brand over all of their competitors, at the end of the day, your logo and your website alone will not do that.


That anyone from any background can transform their lives and opportunities by elevating their mindset, personal image and brand to reach their goals and aspirations.


More cohesive and compelling brand message and image that attract the right clients and accurately communicate your mastery and high-value work.
A brand presence that communicates that you are the authority in your arena.


I have been a resource in helping people elevate their market impact, visual presence, develop their business and social skills, and improve their personal style and image

I help entrepreneurs to develop their online presence with a world-class brand, through their logo and website design, my main job is to find out why your clients should give you repeat and referral business, take those insights, and wrap them in words and visuals so prospects can see and feel that your business was built to solve their problems.
I have collaborated with international award-winning brands like Miss Universe, and helped my clients secure lucrative business opportunities.

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My Mission

Is to MPower and enhance the life of 1000000 people….

I am dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs in pursuit of creating and developing their business and personal brand strategy.